Coffee Scotland Obadiah

Who we are

In earlier years, Sam was part of the team at 5 Senses Coffee in Perth, Australia. He spent three years working as a head roaster, developing roast profiles for single origin specialty coffees.

After moving to Edinburgh in 2015, Sam started Obadiah Collective, sourcing and roasting specialty coffees to demonstrate purity, transparency and consistency in coffee. 

In January 2016, along with a team of skilled baristas, Obadiah Collective's first pop-up coffee shop was launched in Grassmarket, Edinburgh. For 5 months, we showcased our coffees and built a community around our ethos.

Now, alongside the roasting, we are working on drawing multiple creative disciplines together around coffee, lifestyle and creativity. We think these three areas of artistry tie into each other beautifully. Coffee is a creative process and we want to highlight and contribute to the lifestyle around this process. Our long term goal is to develop a collective that serves people and encourages a strong sense of community, of which great relationships are invaluable.

We're a small, enthusiastic team putting exceptional customer service at the forefront of our work and roasting only the best coffees we can find.

Edinburgh Coffee Roaster

Roasting our coffees delicately is important for us to ensure we are not encouraging any un-natural alterations to the flavour profile of each coffee. We have one profile per coffee, designed to accurately represent all of the variables the coffee farmers have worked with in the growing process - the altitude of the farm, soil type, tree variety and process method.

Because of this, we're also stripping away any inconsistencies that multiple brew method roast profiles could inhibit. With this approach to roasting, we are able to maintain a higher level of purity and consistency. 

We want to contribute positively by engaging creatively and pushing the boundaries of the ever growing coffee culture in the UK, as well as those beyond.