Twelve Triangles Kitchen Table

148 Duke Street, Edinburgh

We love this place! The food is just incredible and the atmosphere is perfect. As the name suggests, it's one big kitchen table that invites its visitors, to share food around one another. Seated around the table you're met with delicious food, freshly made by the chef, who's kitchen is just around the back. With shelves of pickles, we had to try the frittata with ricotta and courgette accompanied by an array of fermented and pickled veg. It was incredible! 

These guys have another shop, serving all variations of coffee and they have an amazing wall of their own pastries & donuts too. 

The Kitchen however, have a mean line up of batch brewers to serve you coffee. It's a really great way to showcase different origins from multiple roasters at once. 

These guys have done a sweet job creating a space with super high quality food and coffee, with communal eating right at the heart of the experience.