La Guamera, Nariño - Colombia

La Guamera, Nariño - Colombia

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Farmed by the Muñoz famliy

Process - Natural

Variety - Caturra

Altitude - 2250 masl

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Silky, red berries, cantaloupe and cacao nibs.

The five Muñoz siblings inherited Finca La Guamera from their mother, whose father left it to her. The farm, a modest property in the hills above the city of Chinchina, fell into disuse until around 30 years ago. After the 1985 explosion of the volcano Nevado de Ruiz, new farmers moved to the land adjacent to La Guamera. Because they were new to growing coffee and did not have the infrastructure or know how to conduct post-harvest processing, they sold coffee to the Muñoz’s, who had a small wet mill on their property at La Guamera.

The Muñoz family continues to grow and process coffee on La Guamera, in facilities steps from the family home. The land has been well tended across generations and the trees produce plump cherries that lend themselves to natural, honey, and classic Colombian fully washed processing.