Gakuyu-ini AA - Kenya

Gakuyu-ini AA - Kenya

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Farmed by Thirikwa Farmers Co-op

Process - Washed

Variety - SL28, SL34

Altitude - 1700 masl

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Juicy white grapes, sweet rhubarb and honey.

Gakuyu-ini is located in Kirenyaga County in the Central Highlands of Kenya. The Gakuyu-ini factory processes coffee using methods typical throughout Kenya. Local people are paid to pick the ripe coffee cherries between October and January and these are pulped using disc pulpers in the wet mill. The water used to convey the resulting mucilage coated beans also aids quality separation by density since heavier beans sink in the water whilst lighter beans float on the surface. By channeling these beans separately three grades of parchment coffee are created; P1 (the best), P2 and P3. The parchment coffee is then channeled into large tanks where dry fermentation occurs during the following 24 hours or so.

Next, the parchment coffee is channeled to a soak tank where it sits in cold water for around 24 hours, a process which develops the amino acids within the seeds and is thought to contribute to Kenyan coffee’s unique flavours.