For Fika Sake

7 Keith St, Glasgow

Creatively serving. That's the driving force behind this coffee shop and we love it. Based in the middle of Partick in Glasgows West End, we had heard a lot of great things about For Fika Sake before we visited for the first time. These guys buzz with creativity and are enthusiastic coffee brewers. 

It's a big space with lots of seating, just opposite the University. With a buzzing atmosphere, students and young professionals are able to work away on communal tables and enjoy the delicious food Fika offer. A fairly new venture, the space opened in 2016, consistently serving at a high standard as well as building a strong, vibrant community.

Once the coffee shop finishes serving for the day, the creative learning begins. Workshops, tutorials and events are held in the space and people gather to learn and practice their crafts together. 

We love everything about this business. It's willingness to give back to the community and provide opportunities to express creative talents, and of course serving our specialty coffees really well.

Head over to their website to find out more, and of course pop into the shop and try one of their brews!