Cairngorm Coffee

1 Melville Place, Edinburgh / 41a Frederick St, Edinburgh

Cairngorm Coffee is comprised of two specialty coffee shops in Edinburgh. Both shops focus on representing coffee with a super high attention to detail and consistency. It's nice to walk into this place and confidently know you'll get an amazing brew! All of the hard work farmers put into their coffees pays off here.

In the West End shop, baristas use a three group Sanremo Opera to extract their espressos. This was the first one in Scotland and now they're becoming quite popular. Cairngorm set extraction recipes with pressure and temperature profiles on each group head for black and white coffees. Alongside our single origins, there's a regular rotation of coffees for both black and white, from a bunch of great roasters. 

These guys are masters at grilled cheese too, they have a few different varieties with different cheeses and meats. Grilled cheese and coffee, surprisingly an amazing combination.

Theres a whole lot more to experience at Cairngorm, you'll just have to get along for yourself!