We are a speciality coffee roaster consistently producing extremely high-quality coffee. Whether you're after a single box of coffee or wholesaling for your cafe, we focus on precision roasting of high grade, single origin coffees.

 Our coffee roastery operates in Novi Iskar, a small town just out of Sofia in Bulgaria. Our experienced team design unique roast profiles and manually roast on a Probat drum roaster. We maintain a high level of attention to detail and quality control.

We discovered opportunities that lead to dreaming about the idea of developing a business that would bless people with work, generate hope and spread joy throughout the world. We currently base our supply in Edinburgh and from here we chase our vision by supplying speciality coffee to the United Kingdom.

Our values lie in serving people; we do this through roasting delicious, sustainable coffees. With an emphasis on ethical sourcing and supplying, we seek to have a direct, positive impact on local communities and people surrounding each stage of our roasting and wholesaling process.


Based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Established in 2015.