Yellow Diamond - Brazil

Yellow Diamond - Brazil

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Farmed by The Garcia Family

Process - Natural

Variety - Catuai

Altitude - 1300 masl

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Milk chocolate and more milk chocolate with a light sweet tangerine acidity.

A creamy natural Brazilian, this is one of the peoples favourites. It's a beautifully balanced coffee with a full bodied mouthfeel. Your tastebuds will remind you of sweet milk chocolate, but it's not overpowering. It's more like a 60% milk chocolate and less like a super sweet Cadbury's dairy milk bar. It also has a soft tangerine acidity, making it an exciting more complex coffee to brew. 

Located in the mountainous region of Sul De Minas, this coffee is perfectly situated in Brazil. The small 75 hectare farm has been in the Garcia Family since 2008. They have implemented the use of more organic fertilisers as well as reducing the amount of agrochemicals they use on the crop. They've also implemented the planting of native fruit trees each year as well as bracharia (a type of grass) and banana plants in between the rows of coffee plants to help maintain the health of the soils and prevent erosion. The farm also uses the practise of cyclical pruning on a 2 or 4 year rotation depending on the climate and the structural condition of the plant. This helps to strengthen the plant and reduces its susceptibility to disease.

During harvest the coffee is manually collected when the cherry reaches maturation. The Yellow Diamond is a catuai varietal, which by nature absorb less sunlight and retains more sugars in its pulps. It's kind of renowned for its sweetness, good body and lingering finish. You'll love it.