Los Pirineos - El Salvador

Los Pirineos - El Salvador

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Farmed by Gilberto Baraona

Process - Washed

Variety - Red Bourbon

Altitude - 1450 masl

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Sweet vanilla, milk chocolate and a black cherry acidity.

In Central America, El Salvador has the nickname, ‘Pulgarcito’, which means little thumb and is a reference to the tiny size of this important coffee producing nation. Over half of the nation’s coffee is made of the Bourbon variety and there is plenty of sweet, complex, highly acidic coffee being produced. Around 90% of the country’s coffee is also shade grown, which helps to maintain the rich biodiversity that thrives in rural El Salvador. 

El Salvador is also famous for its volcanoes and as many of these mountains of molten rock are still active the soil is extremely rich and fertile, making it perfect for coffee growth.  

Los Pirineos Coffee farm has been in the Baraona Family for more than 120 years, since the family first moved there in 1880. Gilberto, one of the 3rd generation of coffee farmers from the Baraona family, now owns the farm and has designed and built the most modern specialty coffee mill in the whole of El Salvador. All of the processing takes place on the farm, and Gilberto oversees all aspects of production with a meticulous eye for detail.

This coffee's farm is located at the top of the Tecapa Volcano, in the Tecapa Chinameca coffee region, at around 1450 masl. Specialising in Bourbon and Pacamara, Los Pirineos has one of the oldest heirloom Bourbon varieties in the country.

This coffee will leave you wanting more, every time. It is a beautiful flat white - sweet, silky and chocolatey. We're really looking forward to working with this coffee for the next few months.