Las Lajas - Costa Rica

Las Lajas - Costa Rica

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Farmed by Oscar and Francisca Chacon

Process - Natural

Variety - Caturra and catuai

Altitude - 1600 masl

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Vanilla, raw honey and clotted cream.

Oscar and Francisca Chacon are unique in Costa Rica, as they are one of the only micro millers to still produce certified organic coffee. Whilst many Costa Rican coffee farmers have stopped producing organically, the Chacon family have remained true to their principles. Their passion for coffee has led them to experiment with different honey and natural processes and consequently the Las Lajas brand has become famous in the specialty coffee sector.  

The natural process begins with a selective harvest, where only the ripest cherries that have brix measurements of more than 18% are picked. Once picked, the cherries are washed and transferred to patios for drying. The cherries are then moved intermittently over a period of 22 - 27 days, depending on weather conditions.

This coffee is vibrant and super juicy. It has a creamy body and tastes like vanilla custard with honey drizzled over it. This is quite a dense coffee, so we've roasted it with slightly higher temperatures over a shorted period of time. This has allowed us to achieve sugar development sooner, without detracting from it's juicy acidity. It'll blow your socks off.