Guji Liyu / Ethiopia

Guji Liyu / Ethiopia


Farmers: Cooperative members. 

Process: Washed.

Altitude: 1900 - 2000 masl.

Varietal: Heirloom. 

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Bergamot, peach acidity and orange blossom.

This coffee comes from the Sidama zone in the region of Oromia in southern Ethiopia. Guji is a relatively remote district found in East Sidamo and was named after one of the tribes of the Oromo people. More than any other country, Ethiopia has a broad genetic diversity among its coffee varieties, with each type having distinctive taste, shape and colour. As a result, each region in the country can offer a different flavour profile, forming the grading system for Ethiopian coffees e.g. Sidamo, Harrar, Limu, Djimmah etc. Guji coffee is well known for its complex floral aroma and citrus notes.

Processing in Guji can take the form of both washed and natural, with most of the coffee growing at over 2000 metres above sea level. Much of the coffee grown in Ethiopia is done so using traditional methods, under shade trees alongside other crops and without the use of chemicals. It is grown by smallholders, who often have just 1-2 hectares of coffee growing in their back garden.