Fazenda Pantano / Brazil

Fazenda Pantano / Brazil


Farmers: The Ferrero Family. 

Process: Natural.

Altitude: 1160 masl.

Varietal: Icatu. 

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Caramel, molasses and a subtle berry acidity.

Fazenda Pântano is located in the Cerrado close to the city of Patos de Minas at an altitude of 1,150 metres and covers a total area of 550 hectares. More than 300 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest reserves. The farm has over 200 varietals, most of which are in experimental production, and is working closely with the Brazilian Coffee Research Institute to experiment with processing and flavour. 

For this pulped natural Uva varietal, the large red cherries are picked and the skin of the cherry is removed, leaving the rest of the fruit encasing the bean. These sticky beans are then laid out to dry on African style raised beds, where they are frequently turned over to allow even drying. Pulped naturals offer something different. There is plenty of sweetness but less acidity than the washed coffees of Brazil and they tend to offer much greater balance and a little more body too. The result is a sweet and full-bodied cup, with developing cocoa notes. It will provide structure and body to any espresso blend.